Hometown Roleplay - Civilian Life - Recruitment Thread



Hello and Welcome to the Timberwolf Roleplay Recruitment Thread.

I’m the Executive Director of the community, and am looking to get some helping hands.
At this time, this post is going to be short and sweet. I’m currently recruiting for my community, and it’s a work in progress. It’ll be a task, but you will always be a part of the community and have recognition for all the work you do.

Currently, these are the positions i’m looking to fill.

  • Community Director

  • Assistant Director

  • Head of Development

  • Development Team Members

  • Head of Administration

  • Senior Administration Team

  • Administration Team

  • Head of Moderation and Support

  • Moderation Team Member

  • Moderator in Training

  • Support Team Member

There will also be Department Managers for all departments, and the DM of each department has full reign over their department.

I’m in definite need of a developer to help me get things rolling, as i want it to be ESX based more or less. I want this to be Civilian Life based, and for people to have reasons to join the server other than repetitive RP, Such as buying property or vehicles, etc.

I have a CAD lined up and ready to go, just need people to fill the spots.

Thanks for reading, feel free to contact me on Discord.
I have a teamspeak server fully set up with permissions, channels, and everything. All ready to go.

Executive Director