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This is honestly a very good community and everyone is active!


Thank you for being so kind to the community and yes we are very active!


Daily and Night patrol today please join us!


Applications are now being taken for police department. Please join our discord and log into our forums for the Police applications. We are looking for fire/ems as well along with civ’s


Police, Fire, Civ apps are all open!


Applications are now being taken for the police dep! anyone can be civ or join the fire dep as volunteer


HJSRP would like to accept those who live in Midwest to join our server


So what does “CUSTOM Scripts” mean on your server? A public release, with config changes?


one of our dev’s makes his own scripts


Daily patrol anytime just hop on or do a nightly patrol with us starting at 4pm cst


Please bump your topic every 24 hours, those deleted messages also count as bumps…


I just read the terms and privacy there is no statement showing that they have to be kept 24 hours apart…


a moderator told you… its been a rule ever sense these forums were created it falls under spamming and common sense :wink:


But that doesn’t give you the right to also do it. Then again, if you see it, flag it and we will take care of it.

Disclaimer: No we are not going to nitpick over minutes or even a hour(s).

It’s a policy we have to prevent people from bumping their topic excessively, if you cannot live by that, then you probably should look elsewhere to host your server advertisement.


And I really don’t see the harm in it? It’s not like I’m bumping my ad every hour or two hours.


I understand that I’m just saying I normally bump my ad once at night and once in the afternoon that’s about it


Heartland justice system has open applications for sheriff and the San Andreas State Police


Hey guys! applications are open still!


:oncoming_police_car: San Andreas Highway Patrol & Blaine County Sheriff Hiring!! :oncoming_police_car:


Updated forum check us out