Hitch Warnings


Still a problem… why is it doing it… If i click in the server it immediately works, its like, “you know what, if the server is not the primary application, its going to freeze” and as long as i dont click/write in it, it stays frozen. Then it says "HITCH WARNING FRAME TIME 3000000 SECONDS and then it works.


Probably a bad resource hanging / delaying the main thread. Can you possibly try a stock server without any resources?

You mean milliseconds. Regardless, that is an incredibly high number. Does anyone else in the server have the same issue, or is it just you?


i dont really have any resource started. And its not hanging or loading, its just kinda like puts itself in sleep mode.
I just started the server, without even fivem freemode running. No players joined. And when i tried to join my server from fivem, i couldnt. Then i started typing in the server and it says hitch warning X miliseconds, depending on how much i let it running. Then it works.
Ofc in the meantime, drops all players. (if there is any)


You must have? Show your server.cfg…

That’s what a hitch warning is, buddy.


If you’re getting it when the server loads the resources it’s generally fine/normal.


And it does this all the time. I have a custom freemode script which i started, its literally a couple of lines atm. It just spawns the players(all clientside) thats the only script i have running. And it sometimes works for hours, sometimes its just sleeps and drops everyone and its unreahable as long as i dont type something in the server. Then it wakes up.


Theese are my default resources starting.

start chat
start sessionmanager
start hardcap
start rconlog
start scoreboard
start playernames


Its either because of windows, or because the server itself is buggy(imo). But thats why i asked here. Maybe there is another solution. I might download another server or smth.


it is, don’t click inside of a console window (or disable QuickEdit in the console properties)


thank you. Im going to try this.


Im expericing high frametimes whenever I connect to my Windows dedicated server, and actually try to be productive. :thinking:

The ms is fine, nothing there:

If I disconnect, things runs just fine.

It’s a dedicated Windows 2016 Datacenter, with i7-6700K, 32 GB Ram, and SSD.
So why is this only happening when I’m connected to Windows?
Both on RDP and KVM ?!?


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