Hitch Warning


So I am having a problem with my server. Every once in a while it gets a high hitching like this

hitch warning: frame time of 15600 milliseconds

then it kicks everyone out. does anyone know what would cause this?


Most likely:

  • Lack of vps/server host performance, or
  • Badly designed/coded resource that hangs the main thread.
  • Or a combination of those two above.


Thank you for response I’ve been asking for a while


@Vespura I got this problem accouring, and it’s only when im connecting with RDP, and even KVM to the Windows machine.
1gbit connection, dedicated: i7-6700K, 32gb ram :thinking:

Only thing else apart from FiveM running is SQL and Apache.

Any suggestions?


If you are using Windows Remote Desktop to connect to your VPS, close the remote desktop session immediately after you start the server, and it should be resolved.