The Indiana State Role Play are hiring members! We are hiring all roles. Our site is: https://www.saucecad.com/mdt | Our community ID is : mdtroleplay


Welcome to the Community @Corey_Anderson - if I could make a suggestion, elaborate a bit more as to what makes your server unique and what players can expect when they come enjoy your server. You could consider linking your rules and requirements to being a member as well. I’d also suggest editing your title to include your server name and game mode type!

Stand out from the crowd!

Also, I’ve moved your post to the #server-development:server-bazaar section for folks to see your recruitment advertisement.

Good luck!


What sites for rules should I use?


You could simply edit your post to include a short bit of rules, there’s also Google Docs which is free to use that you could link to for people to review if they’d like. Take a few peeks at other posts in the #server-development:server-bazaar to see how they’re detailed.


Thanks! Can you join my community?


While I appreciate the offer I am not looking to join any communities at this time.