Hiring developers,super admins,admins Ect For Californian State Of Emergency


join our discord https://discord.gg/QT4Y5s our ts Ip is to join our community


You can’t hire developers for any FiveM based services. Keep in mind if you are caught paying for those services your server could be blacklisted (which isn’t the greatest experience).


i thought you could “hire” them but just not pay them?


:smiley: I mean I wouldn’t really call that hiring anyone then.



Lol true, but you can have them dev just cant pay them for what they create?


Right. Still he should have just said “Looking for developers” as that means they are just looking for developers for their needs and the terms would be discussed with “No payments”.

Because “Hiring Developers” and “Looking for Developers to help with our community”

Are completely different approaches


Very good point hopefully he changes that.


I mean he doesn’t have to I was just notifying him just in-case he didn’t know. Now he has no excuse because he has been notified of it.

Some people use the term “Hire” as a server bazaar phrase to go with their topic but some people literally mean it.