Hill Billy Ai script


I need to find a script that stops the Hillbilly AI from continuously spawning and shooting our police officers when we draw someone at gunpoint! Its super annoying and i feel it would be great for a lot of other peeps for their servers!!!


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local relationship_hashes = {

  --Make all groups consider blrp_ems a companion so they will not agro
  for _,v in pairs(relationship_hashes) do
     SetRelationshipBetweenGroups(0, GetHashKey("blrp_ems"), GetHashKey(v))
     SetRelationshipBetweenGroups(0, GetHashKey(v), GetHashKey("blrp_ems"))

AMBIENT_GANG_HILLBILLY is probably the only hash you need, so you can remove the others.

Then add your players to the relationship group when they sign on duty.

SetPedRelationshipGroupHash(GetPlayerPed(-1), GetHashKey("blrp_ems")) --add player to non-agro group


WOW THANKS this is gonna help a lot i appreciate the help ttgspeed!!