High usage ram


Hello i have a vps with i7 6700k with 4 gb ram after i start server with some modifications and cars he use 3 gb from my ram

Any idea why

Os:Ubuntu 14.04 x64


i would recommend more then 4GB of ram, maybe 8 which is a sweet spot… and a VPS is using an i7 6700k? thats interesting.


Yea is a vps from ovh for game servers with game protection idk but from first time when i put server dont use all my ram


the more resources you add the more ram its going to use, you should get more then 4


Hmm ok il add more ram


That’s really weird - we’re running a server for testing with ~18000 streamed files and it’s only using 150 MB of RAM on our Ubuntu VPS.

This sounds like there’s a lot of broken resources running on your server instead.


Yeah, High usage isn’t normal.

I am having 2 FiveM Servers running and this is my Usage.


On last time i added only cars and some modifications on garages groups k menu etc…


is this a Windows Server?