High Stakes --> Illegal racing based RP | NO trainers | jobs legal and illegal | Recruiting LEOs | CAD | Car thefts | Drugs | 90 tunable add on cars




Did you enjoyed your last RP server, but you were complaining about things getting too complicated? Too rushed? Those sweet, sweet cars behaving too weird?! Now, you have probably idea about our direction.

We are going for TRAINERLESS and intuitive server, bunch of ADD ON CARS with HANDCRAFTED HANDLING and meaningful jobs, such as

Police Department
Taxi service
Delivery service
Pizza delivery

and also

Drug opportunities
Store robberies
Bank robberies (when more cops online)
Car thefts

and more coming

We have currently fully working PD with CAD support, communication channel in Discord and ranking system. We really could use more Officers, since we have many robberies and drugs on the streets lately, because everyone wants to have their dream cars as soon as possible! Lets make some law and order again, Officer!

More services like EMS or firefighters will come, as well as Blaine County police department and others.

New muscle update:


Very basic info to the start:
  • You will start with little (so you can buy a motorcycle perhaps), call yourself /taxi
  • Get a job and get those sweet bills to your pocket! Spoil yourself and buy something nicer and FASTER!
  • Have some fun on car meet ups! Help other player to look around!

Oops, didn’t have enough cash and really wanted that sweet Challenger from 70’? Just robbed a store? You better run, because if cops will catch you, you can go to the jail (temp ban, from 10 mins to a day)! Don’t wanna give up? What ever you do, don’t die, or you will loose ALL money!

Drove away from random police check? That could cost you next calm encounter! Arrest will be issued on your character, thanks to our CAD system and your registration plate or ID!
General info about WIP:

  • Plan is to release up to 230 racing cars on the server (unlocked visual mods) car sheet with info HERE
  • Exclusive scripts and missions (coming)
  • Exclusive racetrack for racing specials (coming)
  • New island with twisty roads and mission interactions (coming)

We are:

  • based on ESX and Lua scripts.
  • playing without Scripthook on client side. Every core plugins will be handled by the server.

More detailed info, bindings, jobs and other tips HERE
No trainers, no bullsh1t. No ppl runnin’ and screamin’ “Failed RP, failed RP! Nice God mode!!” :smiley:

Now, lets show, how good driver and street wise you actually are!

Btw., this is old trailer for our racing community in GTAO

Our FB page

Car list

Additional bonus points (but not requirements) for potential police associates:

  • Mature personality
  • Some similar previous experience
  • Basic knowledge of coding suitable for FiveM
  • Europe based (I live in London, so it would be nice to cooperate with someone from around)

I am open to any ideas :wink:

Join our Discord group for newest info!


Or contact me directly:


Looking forward to see you there!

Needs better roleplayers
Looking for a good RP server to join
New to roleplay
New to rp
WHITELISTED RP server without trainers?
No/minimal application? GTA fun but realistic
Needs better roleplayers
Looking For A Good Car Server
Need a good server
8gb or 12gb RAM to FiveM!

Attempted to join your discord and the link is invalid.


Thank you for letting me know, link has been corrected by :wink:


Come enjoy the cars you probably haven’t seen anywhere before! You know why? Because this is illegal racing base RP and we really do whatever it takes to deliver only quality content!



You wouldn’t believe it, but V-Tec was really kicking hard, even didn’t ashamed the driver against M2!! :muscle::open_mouth::grinning:


I’ve accepted the challenge as an underdog with 4 cylinder boxer against Supra’s straight 6 twin turbo :stuck_out_tongue: