Hi new to all this rp please help


hi all

ive always loved playing gta so thought id give rp a try to be honest I really haven’t got a clue what I am doing
I have watched so many youtube channels to find out how to play every time I join a server my player is completely different every time how can I just have one player plus how do you start and make money and own stuff I really haven’t got a clue what I am doing
please can anyone help I just want to start playing and enjoying this amazing game…

kind regards jon


All servers are different, most stick to a community and settle in it. So servers are all different making different experiences. Yes most RP servers use a framework of some sort.

Server advertisments can be found in the #server-development:server-bazaar category.


But how do you save the same player every time and buy a house and stuff. What’s the best server to use.


As I said every server is different, for the best server check the category I linked above and if you have any questions about a server use their forums or ask the staff…


Each server is different, hence why you lose progress when switching servers.

FiveM is not a “RP mod”, it provides empty servers for server owners to build upon, meaning all freemode GTA:O stuff is not available unless the server owner uses a script that provides it. All scripts have to be made by the FiveM community or your own community developers, so it’s not easy to get the full GTA:O experience in FiveM.


I follow this guy on gta and would love to how to do stuff like this…

Watch “GTA 5 ROLEPLAY - Police Officer Causes Car Accident!! | Ep. 205 Civ” on YouTube


Its been a said a few times. All servers are different ask the server operator these questions.


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