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FiveM Error

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FiveM has encountered an error

Could not contact entitlement service. Status code: 403, error message: 0/, response body:

If you require immediate support, please visit and mention the details in this window.

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Crash signature: ros-patches-five.dll+3F0F4
Report ID: uploaded! (use Ctrl+C to copy)


Fill out the support template.


I have put in the error




Are you using Windows Defender for your Anti-Virus?


I found this off of another post but go into your %appdata% folders and delete %localappdata%\digitalentitlements and %appdata%\citizenfx\ros_id.dat.(if u cant find citizenfx look under roaming)
if it works and you load up, blue screen might take a while(It did for me) but it ended up working


Btw this got fixed in the new uodate, arter this error those two folders will be cleaned automatically.


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