Help with steam



Steam/CD/Social Club?
when i try to play gta on steam on my dell laptop, when it launches it bbrings up social club and keeps on loading then when it loads it puts up a lot of ads


How are we going to help with with this information?

Fill out the support template and post a video if possible with the problem that is occuring.


When you launch GTA or FiveM?


when i launch gta 5 it docent launch the game it just brings up social club and keeps on loading


You are not answering the question though, when you launch GTA 5 through steam?


i was answering the question its when i launch GTA 5 through steam.


So it’s not FiveM related, I would recommend contacting rockstar support.


well i did try that but i can try again and where can i go to download FiveM because i had to delete it because it wasent woring or atleast i dont think.


go to the main page and click on the green button?


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