Help with server keys?


I got this error trying to start a new home server. “This server does not have a license key specified. Please set the sv_licenseKey console variable to a key from”. I got a key from but i dont know what to do with it. If it helps, here is the video followed to make the server.


You already answered your own question.
Simply put set sv_licenseKey <your key here> somewhere in your server.cfg


WOW that was easy. I guess i was just over thinking it. Thank you Vespura :slight_smile:


Apparently, its not that simple seen as me and my friend have done that multiple times and it wont work???


@brandon_kelly Exactly.


been sat here for an easy 1 Hour 30 Mins


Open your server.cfg and under the line"set mysql_connection_string “server=;database=essentialmode;userid=root;”. Add “set sv_licenseKey ???” The question marks being your license.
I hope this helps ya


I’m dyslexic, any chance of you hopping in our TeamSpeak giving us a hand <3


Sorry but i do not use TeamSpeak. Maybe this will help.


We dont have that shit???


The server.cfg should be in the directory that you installed the server files. Mine for example are in C:\FXServer


Me and Herminator will try, ill get bck to u @KaasKoppie


r u lyin bcuz that wont work, you got discord?


LOL no I’m not lying. Thats what worked for me. Did ya go here and get the key to put in?


You’ve done this:

Go here:

Login and register your server. A license key will be produced. Then go to to your server.cfg file and go to the bottom where it says:

sv_licensekey "changeme"

You’d place your key where it says changeme

Then try running your server :mascot:


Also, that’s no way to get support here on the forums.

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I am having the same issue do you put the Key in “”



Quick Question… How do You Find your Servers IP Address?

-Thanks Ryan .T.


Google “What’s my IP” if it’s hosted on your computer. If it’s on a VPS, then it’ll be the VPS IP.

Also, don’t hijack other people’s forum posts. :yum: