[HELP] With notify




  • I Have been trying to change up my notify system into chat message/pnotify, But I cant seem to get any
TriggerClientEvent --Notification

to work…

--TriggerClientEvent("outlawNotify", -1, "10-60") --Tryign to replace this with (Down Below)
	TriggerClientEvent('chatMessage', '', {255, 0, 0}, "10-60")  --Dosent work
                    text = "10-60"),
                    type = "alert",
                    timeout = (3000),
                    layout = "centerLeft",
                    queue = "global"
}) --Dosent work

If someone can help me out with this
I would really appreciate

Thank You


TriggerClientEvent requires a target, which is the players source/server id


Im not sure what u mean by that but
like this

TriggerClientEvent("pNotify:SendNotification", player,{text = "bababa"


I got it work…just had too keep trying…Manny ways as possible