Help with ELS Doors


Hi, My clan is wanting to use ELS however; for some reason the doors looked glitched and don’t open fully. Since we a roleplay community this is an issue for us. Therefore, is there any fixes to this issue.

Also, is there any known radar mods that would work with the ELS mod installed?

Thank You for any help you can provide.

EDIT: SouthernFuture can you send me the fix?


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Also, it’s probably best to post in the original ELS thread (whichever you use) as the creator will be able to help you more…


EJB is releasing a fix but stated that he will not release it until the end of January 2018.


I have a fix that involves something client side though


I only just now saw this lol but I’ve been digging into code to figure out if I could find anything to fix it, I was able to find the line that restores the vehicle health and now the vehicle damage script works, but the visual damage is something I can’t find :frowning:


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