Help with Christmas Tree and Snow - Permanent til removed


Looking to add the prop_xmas_ext to a specific location in the server and have it be there even on server restarts until it is removed.

Also looking to have ability to make snow / xmas weather be default until it is removed.

Anyone have any suggestions or can point me in the right direction of how to make this happen I’d really appreciate it alot. Been searching around but so many older resources, discontinued, and just a CF of posts im really not sure whats right and whats not.


have it spawn in each time the server starts?


Take a look at this Snowballs! (allows you to enable/disable snow weather and also allows you to pickup snowballs).

The Christmas tree isn’t included though, so you’ll have to find/make a resource for that yourself.


Yeah I’m gonna add this resource in today! :slight_smile: I planned on this I forgot it forces persistent xmas weather :slight_smile: Thanks @Vespura… Now to figure out the Xmas tree :smile:


Pretty sure this could help.

Christmas Time Map.

Not sure how to add maps in to fivem but i know you can.


To install a map:

  1. Go to your server resources folder.
  2. Open up the downloaded file in another window.
  3. Drag and drop the folder into your resources folder.
  4. Right click on the folder and press rename > Copy the name (ctrl + c)
  5. Open up your Server.cfg file with Notepad++
  6. Add the file to your Automatic start resource. They could look like this (- NameOfResourceFolder) or (start NameOfResourceFolder).
  7. Then save.
  8. Clear your Cache folder.
    9Start up your server and the map should be loaded in!

I did this method for the LivelySandy map aha, was gonna install this one, untill my server wouldnt show up for anyone or me lol.


Its not for me lol i wouldnt recommend using maps i think they just look weird.


Adding maps for me arent a problem lol. When i sort my server ut you should join and have a look.


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im just trying to add a Christmas tree at one set of coordinates not a map :slight_smile:


I’m sorry to say, but there are no resources for you to download for that then. (not from what ive seen and been on here for about 2 - 3 months). Installing a map, wont remove your other maps. It just edits the resource data for the maps… untill you remove the map addon.



My server is fairly new so, i dont have many members, i have bout 6 because ive only just started my server bout 1 week ago.


So i need to make a map that has the christmas tree i want or maybe add some smaller ones into it… then make it a resource to load that map that has those in it?


You have to make your own resource, yes. But you could install that map that was sent here and you could see what you think to it. Because you may like it.