Help with Blips interiors



Hi, im having a problem, im making a esx server.
I add esx_ambulance and esx_policejob well both only show icon that hospital and commisary, well, i want to show all other blips but in the interior. When i enter the building, the map change, well, there i want to see the blips that i want to add.

I dont find any way.

I found this table to add blips succefuly but there are all in the principal map. No in interiors.

local blips = {
– Example {title="", colour=, id=, x=, y=, z=},

 {title="Example 1", colour=5, id=446, x = -347.291, y = -133.370, z = 38.009},
 {title="Example 2", colour=30, id=108, x = 260.130, y = 204.308, z = 109.287}



for _, info in pairs(blips) do
  info.blip = AddBlipForCoord(info.x, info.y, info.z)
  SetBlipDisplay(info.blip, 4)
  SetBlipScale(info.blip, 1.0)
  SetBlipColour(info.blip, info.colour)
  SetBlipAsShortRange(info.blip, true)


So if anyone can give me some help, i would apreciate it too much. I spend to much time in this, and im stuck.

Another thing, where are the doc full of method and functions. I found this one and this but i see too many method and functions that there arent here. If you can bring them to me would be great.

Anything u need reply i will answerd fast as i can.

Sorry my english.


Please i need some help