Help with an error I' am getting when trying to run client



When I try to run the launcher I’ am getting this error:
(CitizenFX Fatal Error) [ID3D11Texture2D::QueryInterface(IDXGIKeyedMutex) failed - your GPU driver likely does not support Direct3D shared resources correctly. Please update to the latest version of windows and your GPU driver to resolve this problem.]

To Get My Own GTA5 to work I had to change the directx to 10 in my settings xml config and I think the default was set to 11. Is there a way for someone to set the feature level of dx-11 so it supports 10? Many of us are suffering with this issue just to get on fivereborn.

Please someone help,

alt text


Do you have the driver of your Graphics Card up to date and do you have windows up to date?

If not you need to update them.


Yes The graphics card and everything is up-to-date fully to the max.
As I said my own GTA5 runs perfectly fine offline and it actually runs a lot smoother than expected.

I think whats needed is for the client to be updated so that the feature level of dx-11 is changed so it supports dx-10.


Try and run the fivereborn.exe in windows 8 compatible


I’m using Windows 7 lol…

Can you just please change the compatibility flag on the source code.
That’s all that has to be done and that’s all I’m asking. I hope this isn’t too much to ask for but I’d really like to get online.


someone please help as this is a serious issue for me and a lot of people.




If you are using a GPU try turning the Igpu off in the bios


has any one tried running a external GPU to laptop yet?


I Told you guys I can already run the game Fine standalone, I’ am Not getting an external GPU, Everything is Updated, And I cannot turn off the integrated gpu from the bios. I do not have that option.

I really appreciate you guys coming out and posting your suggestions but believe me I have already thought of everything you guys suggest me to do and realized this issue needs to be resolved by KANE or someone who has access to the source code.
The compatibility flag on the source code needs to be altered so that the feature level of dx-11 is changed so it supports dx-10.

Thanks in advance.


What graphics card?


NVIDIA GeForce 310M

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> SMC_AUTO NVIDIA GeForce 310M

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commandline options in root directory of GTA5 to help make it work better too:
-percentvidmem 100
-width 800
-height 600
-anisotropicQualityLevel 0
-fxaa 0
-postFX 0
-textureQuality 0
-particleQuality 0
-grassQuality 0
-waterQuality 0
-renderQuality 0
-shadowdensity 0
-shaderQuality 0
-shadowQuality 0
-tessellation 0
-lodScale 1
-pedLodBias 1
-vehicleLodBias 1


I Also of course have the integrated gpu card, Intel® HD Graphics

I think the problem is that fivereborn.exe is forcing it to DX-11 and also my integrated card stated above ^ is the only one being recognized.
If you change the feature level or edit a flag in the launcher then I think this is the way to resolve this as it will then recognize any card/dx.


my brother has the same problem to like you, he has AMD and Intel HD. It gives the same error. Looks like no solution till now, as Cloud said the game runs smoothly in Singleplayer.


There’s a way to fix this I think Killeryoyo. I was even able to bypass this issue in offline standalone mode. Editing the sourcecode or the launcher for the multiplayer of the fivereborn.exe or whatever is way out of my reach/expertise. I just wish I could get online.


The DLC’s and the cache and everything for fivereborn installed just fine. I’ am very close to getting online minus this one roadblock. Right before getting into the game I see that CitizenFX Fatal Error.
My Fivereborn folder is 3.59 GB Like I have everything in it i need to play.


OK, So i think your graphical capabilities are not high enough. This is hardware related however it can be fixed software side. But i don’t see the purpose because every semi-modern GPU is able to run DX 11. I can see that this might not be the best solution for you but you will run GTA 5 better too if you get a new GPU. If you have a laptop i severely recommend getting a desktop computer.


I’m just too poor Kane :frowning: I just cannot afford it, and I don’t know how long it will take for when I can. I would appreciate it if you can fix this via software side that was all I requested and I was so close to getting online… perhaps just make a fix specifically for me?