[HELP]Walkable with anim?


anyone know how to set ped animation and sync to all player… and ped will able to move while playing anim




Here’s what it looks like:
TaskPlayAnim(GetPlayerPed(-1), dict, anim, 5.0, -1, -1, 50, 0, false, false, false)

and here are the animations:


it will sync to all player??? when i’m walk


Yes it’ll sync to everybody and you’ll be able to walk




and what about… play anim and don’t let player move until finish animmm if you know xD please help me thank you again


TaskPlayAnim(int ped, string animdictionary, string animationname, float speed, float speedmultiplier, int duration, int flag, float playbackrate, bool lockx, bool locky, bool lockz)

set the last three boolean to true


TY… but why when i play t he drinking anim or smoking anim… why there’s no bottle/cigar object on my hand!??


Hello can you help me I do not know where I have to put the codes so that the characters can animate their animations, can you help me? I’m a little lost on that subject thanks beforehand