[HELP] vrp_showroom



I’m using vrp framework, wich works fine, but i’m having a issue: When i buy some vehicle from vrp_showroom, stock him on a garage then get him again, the vehicle are spawning with lscustoms’s modifications and with some texture bugs.

I’m using vrp_Showroom/LScustoms/Garages from Sighmir without any changes. Anyone has a clue about it?


Hey! Did you found the solution for it?
I installed the same script but, somehow, if a car fails the loading, my textures get bugged and disapear .


Oh but did you insert the probe?


What probe ?

Don’t know what is that exactly . I was changing only the displayed cars from the original file . My problem is that , if a car or more fails to load , the map textures for road and buildings kinda disappear.