[HELP] vehicles.meta not working for replace car



So I replaced the stanier with the Ford Crown Victoria 2012 model, and the model works fine, but in game, the stanier is really based off an 80s model so it’s really slow. if I compare it to the Crown Victoria cop cars, the cop cars will beat it by miles in a drag race. So I got a vehicles.meta and change the stanier’s handling ID to ADDER just to see if it works. Well, it doesn’t, but if i rename the stanier yft/ytd files to stanier2, then rename stanier to stanier2 in the vehicles.meta it works? So it only works if I make it an addon car but not if I replace the normal stanier? I would like to replace the stanier and change the handling ID but it will not work. Could anyone please help me?


Replacement metas are something that is currently being worked on. Some replacement model metas will work fine, but most don’t. Add-on is definitely the way to go for the time being.


Oh okay, thanks for response, guessing this means I need to make it an add on car, but one more thing to add if you don’t mind, I have a lighting mod, when I make it an add on car, the lights on the dashboard are blinding.