[HELP] Vehicles licence plates



Hey you guys, i have a FiveM server with Add-ons cars. They works fine, but some cars have customized licence plates made by their modder and i want to know how to change them to default plates, so the players could buy a car and have their identity number in the license plate. Can anyone help me with that?

Here’s an example of a customized license plate:


Hi, please post in the correct category next time, #general-discussion is only about the FiveM project itself, no help/support topics :wink:

Regarding the modded cars, that’s up to the vehicle modeler. They’ll be able to customize a vehicle’s license plate. If it’s a texture then you could look inside the texture file and maybe try to change that. However, you’ll have to ask the original modeler for support on this.


To change the plates go into the vehicle .ytd extract the file that has the phrase sign in it, then edit it with photoshop.