[Help] Vehicle max speed limited by FiveM?


Hi ! For many times now i’ve notice that every vehicles is speed limited ( like ~180km/h ).

It is one of my script or just FiveM and some “limitations” ? Because it’s really annoying for people trying to buy SuperSportives and goes at the same speed than a Cabrio 9F !



put the handling.meta file in your client of fivem/FiveMApplicationData/citizen/common/data (handling.meta)

enjoy :wink:


Use a trainer and turn up the speed boost.

I have never heard of FiveM limiting speed.


FiveM does nothing to affect handling lines. What you’re speaking of can be modified using handling files. If you want to do it properly, you’d convert all of your streamed vehicles to add-on cars, so the handling.meta can be served as well instead of requiring each client to download it.


Thanks everyone for your answers !

@stannum, i’m not talking about modded vehicles, but about vanilla cars. Like adder, going on the same speed than a Carbonizzare, things like that, totally different in Multiplayer Mode. It’s just a report about my community, so i come here to have answers and it’s on a good way ahah


I must’ve misunderstood your question. We’re looking into it now.


Ok thanks ! So we’re not crazy about that ! Ahah