[HELP]transfer money perfectly



I use Vrp

how can I transform money perfectly?
if I have 1.000.000 show me 1M or if i have 1.200.000 show me 1.2M or if i have 1.432.435 show me 1.4M?


By performing a rounding operation.

Method depends on your language. Google math round Lua


Everything I found does not work in my case, I do not have decimals, it does not work, do you think you can help me more explicitly? @d0p3t



Show your script, to see how you try to do that :wink:


I can t, but u don t need mine to help me


As you said here:

If we can’t see what you tried how can we help you?





Why was I tagged?


My mistake. The damn copying of a link in Google assistant doesn’t work.


LOL no worries lol


thanks <3