[HELP] The skinchanger menu does not come up


I do not know how to do to get it up. is there anything wrong with server.cfg or something else


You should ask on the thread of the resource itself.


Since this is an ESX resource, it’s unlikely to have it’s own release thread. OP will have better luck opening an issue on GitHub, or asking for assistance in the ESX Discord.


något i din databas är fel troligt har sql för skinchanger inte laddats in rätt


hur fixar jag de då är helt ny med servrar


googla finns redan massa trådar på forumet och google


Please ask for support in the original resource topic only. Do not start new topics about issues/questions regarding specific resources.

This way the forums won’t get cluttered with a ton of topics for small issues, which may or may not have already been solved or answered in the original topic.

That way everyone can find their answers and ask their questions in one place, so the original creators get notified of the question and everyone knows where to look for answers and where to support others with a specific resource.