[help] text 3d


Hi guys. Please tell me the text of the code / function / native for displaying 3d text above the marker/trigger, as in Gta 5 online (missions on ground). Thanks > Use VRP


You are looking for Scaleforms.

Specifically mp_mission_name_freemode

Example in C#:

// define
private Scaleform missionNameScaleform = new Scaleform("mp_mission_name_freemode"); 
// run in Tick
missionNameScaleform.CallFunction("SET_MISSION_INFO", $"Legion Seoul ({timeString})", $"~o~Drag Race", "", "", "", false, "", "", "", "");
missionNameScaleform.Render3D(MarkerPosition, gameplayCamRot, new Vector3(3f, 3f, 3f));

Examples LUA:

List of scaleforms and their functions https://scaleform.devtesting.pizza/

Some documentation: Scaleforms