[HELP] Some Blips names not showing


Why is ge showing on some blips?

not sure but there is a plugin you can grab with notepad ++ and open your entire gta server folder and search ge. From there you can make the changes you need :wink:

How i do this?

Nope, this doesn´t work like this.

I think will be something with es_extended

Ok now only changing the start order i get the ge removed but only show blips without names. Any help pls? What can do this error?

If there are too many blips on the map like ATMs, Banks or smth simillar then its buggy. Try removing ATM blips if you have them on your map.

Nah idefenityl removing the blips in code jobs and that things an adding new ones with blipsbuilder

I solved: It happens cause is like is some blip map limit like 50 or 60. :slight_smile: