[HELP] Server not popping up when searching it?


How can you make the server pop up instead of having to direct connect all the time? It is really affecting me and the server owner because we are a small server and no one can find our server unless they are in the discord which has the ip in it. Please put your reply if you know how to fix this issue or what can help me fix this issue possibly!


make sure your running very latest server files and it is correctly configured in cfg file


Hi I am the Server owner and yes it is. People can Direct connect just fine but it will not pop up in the browser


You’re using the latest build of FXServer, correct?

Also you’ve made sure that this line isn’t uncommented:

# disable announcing? clear out the master by uncommenting this
#sv_master1 ""


Oh yeah sorry forgot to update y’all but we did have to update the server XD It is all good now thanks for your help!


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