HELP! Server doesnt start



Hi there,
My server needs some assistance. Basically when i start up the “Server-Starter.bat” it goes through my scripts and vehicles (all have no errors). I go onto FiveM.exe and head down into the “Server List” and I type in my Server name, which is State Patrol RP. It doesn’t show, so I move over to direct connect and I put in a number (the number is just in there whenever i go to it) and nothing comes up. So i out my IP address in there and… nothing shows up.

If anyone knows how to fix this or knows ny videos, please paste them into the comments.

Many thanks,
Kyle H.
Founder/ Administrator
State Patrol RP.


What number are you putting in? You should only put in the IP (or localhost) when trying to direct connect.

Can you upload a pic of your cmd console? Is there any error stating issues with server keys? Is it sending heartbeats?


There you go, i have posted some images


Upload your server.cfg file. Make sure to remove any passwords or keys before doing so


You want me to remove server key??


Here is my server.cfg file.server.cfg (1.8 KB)


Hmmm… what does it say in your Server-Starter.bat file?



:thinking: I’m not too sure what the issue is… Unless I happened to overlook something… Maybe someone else will be able to better assist.


Alright, thanks for your help anyway! :slight_smile:


Never had the issue but i can try to help, give me your ip out let me know when the server have been up for 4 minutes and i will see if i can find it.


You want my server IP??


The ip that u start the server on, and it looks like your own so send it privatly to me, Also look on


@StatePatrolRP_ADMIN did u read my last message?


Yes, do you want the IP what FiveM gives me?


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