[HELP] Respawn / Revive (Essential & ESX)



I am curious if someone may possibly be able to assist or point me in the right direction about an issue I’m having with respawning after death. This is the only bug left on the test server and so far it has been a great learning experience.

The server is running, FiveM (obviously :slight_smile: ), EssentialMode and the majority of the ESX framework. I have looked through all of the *.lua files and can’t see anything wrong. The only respawn information I can locate is within the ESX_AmbulanceJob config.lua and is set with the following settings, Config.ShowDeathTimer = true, Config.EarlyRespawn = true, Config.EarlyRespawnFine = true & Config.EarlyRespawnFineAmount = 500

Problem Description
Once the character has died and is laying on the ground there is no text, timer or options displayed to pay the fee to revive. The view appears to be locked so moving the mouse doesn’t change angles and the ESC key doesn’t work to get into the FiveM main menu. To get around this issue you have to ALT-Tab out of the game end the process and log back into the server.

Mod List

# Initialize System Main Files
start mapmanager
start chat
start spawnmanager
start fivem
start hardcap
start rconlog
start scoreboard
start lux_vehcontrol
start streetLabel
start voicecontroller
start commands
start timesync
start vehcontrol

# Starting Mysql-async
start mysql-async
start essentialmode
start esplugin_mysql
start es_admin2
start async
start es_extended
start esx_menu_default
start esx_menu_dialog
start esx_menu_list
start esx_clotheshop
start skinchanger
start instance
start cron
start esx_skin
start esx_joblisting
start esx_holdup
start esx_atm
start esx_billing
start esx_datastore
start esx_society
start esx_policejob
start esx_addonaccount
start esx_jobs
start esx_ambulancejob
start esx_addoninventory
start esx_mask
start esx_realestateagentjob
start esx_property
start esx_mecanojob
start esx_taxijob
start esx_sit
start esx_vehicleshop
start esx_bankerjob
start es_camera
start esx_animations
start esx_weashops
start esx_identity
start esx_garage
start esx_drugs
start esx_phone
start esx_rpchat
start Jailer
start fcustoms
start wk_vehdamage
start carhud
start frfuel
start playerblip
start fingerpoint

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If more information is required please let me know and I’ll do my best to provide it as quickly as possible.

Thank you


Please put ``` before and after your server.cfg file part you pasted in, that way it’s a lot easier to read. And it won’t take up the entire page that way :wink:


I got the same problem :stuck_out_tongue:


im having this same problem did you ever figure it out


add “start baseevents”, make sure it’s placed correctly.

No need to go out and look for a resource, just add it to the cfg


I’m having this same problem, how do I solve it?