[Help Request - FIXED] VPS Multiple Server set-up



Hey all,

I have just purchased a fancy new VPS with NFOServers. I have my server up and running on the server no problems for my community. As I do understand how to set-up servers etc. My issue is, I am planning on setting up a second server. But I am unsure how I would go about setting up a second FxServer. Problem I am having is that they simple gave me one IP, now this could be common sense and it is probably as simple as getting a second IP correct?

But I was wondering whether it is possible to have two FXServers running off of the same IP but on different ports? I am also stuck at how I would go about doing this on my VPS with NFO.

Thank you very much in advance and hopefully I am not wasting all your time!


I almost forgot to mention also, I have already got the second FXServer up and running fine, but it won’t launch because of the clashing IP. Thanks.

[Update - Fix]
I was being stupid, I only have to change a few things in server.cfg. Thank you to all that helped :slight_smile:


Dude, just change the server’s port, you don’t need a second ip wtf…


In FXServer/server.cfg look for this line:

endpoint_add_tcp ""
endpoint_add_udp “

Edit the line I made numbers i made bold. You can use any port besides the port your server is on. You dont need a second IP, just a change in the lines of server.cfg.


@TrooperCole I was so scared to touch that thinking I would mess something up. Appreciate it a lot thank you!


I tried to do this and when I filtered server-ip:25565 and it gave me;

Are there only certain ports that I can use or am I doing something wrong? Not sure what is wrong as I made sure I only changed the ports there. Here is example of what I have in my server.cfg file:

endpoint_add_tcp ""
endpoint_add_udp “”


hmm, I personally stick to the default and go up in increments of 1 for ease so if the default was for example 30120 I would put 30121 for my next server etc. That has worked for me, good luck.


If you change the port, you have to type the port in too when direct connecting


Port 30121 was too close to the other one I guess. Got help from esx and essentialmode discord and figured out that 35200 works fine, thanks!


Hey I got a windows VPS and I dont know if I need to port forward it or no and if yes let me know how