[Help] RCON for my website


Does anyone have an Rcon for their website where all I have to do is put the file in my “public_html” file for it to work where it is simple? Everything I tried doing on Fivem that I found so far doesnt help. Could Someone Please help?


If u mean dat u want people to be able to kick people from a speicla site or something like that follow this guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Vnfu0VwBWA


No you have to install this on your local computer. I mean for your website


As in you want to be able to kick and ban people from a website?


If so [Release] Webmanager


It doesnt work. I uploaded web manager to my website and it doesnt recognize my server. I entered everything correctly


You must not have done everything correctly according to the replies its indeed working for other people. Did you try getting help from the dev of that script? @Daveyentim1


Yes, he said he isnt willing to help