[HELP] Problem with my Personal Menu (drawTxt)


Hi it’s me Zuqaa the creator of the personnal menu… :slight_smile:
I work on it but i have a problem :confused:

Scrennshot: http://prntscr.com/f2xbf9

Line 253: drawTxt(civilmenu.title,1,1,civilmenu.menu.x,civilmenu.menu.y,1.0, 255,255,255,255)

Line 227: Citizen.CreateThread(function()

Yes the line 227 is amazing xDD


Does the function drawTxt exist in your script? If not, this is the reason for the error.


Yes at the line 253 :wink:


No, you’re calling it at line 253… Have you defined it anywhere?

It’ll look something like

function drawTxt( title, int, int, xPos, yPos, float, red, green, blue, alpha)
 -- Draws stuff


Yeah ! the comeback :slight_smile: Good to see you here :slight_smile: Hope you solve the problem of this :slight_smile:


Thx dude :smiley: Now i re-create a publication and i show the menu for U the communities <3