[HELP] Print the players name in chat



Im trying to print

Officer: [Players name] Unracked his rifle
Officer: [Players name] Racked his rifle

I know where to put it back I cant figure it out how get the players name.

-------------------- CARBINE ------------------------------

local carbine = false

AddEventHandler("rifle", function()
	carbine = not carbine
    if carbine then
		GiveWeaponToPed(GetPlayerPed(-1), GetHashKey("WEAPON_CARBINERIFLE"), 1000, false)
		GiveWeaponComponentToPed(GetPlayerPed(-1), GetHashKey("WEAPON_CARBINERIFLE"), GetHashKey("COMPONENT_AT_AR_FLSH"))
		GiveWeaponComponentToPed(GetPlayerPed(-1), GetHashKey("WEAPON_CARBINERIFLE"), GetHashKey("COMPONENT_AT_SCOPE_MEDIUM"))
		TriggerEvent("chatMessage", "^1Officer:" [The players name] "Unracked his rifle")
        RemoveWeaponFromPed(GetPlayerPed(PlayerId()), GetHashKey("WEAPON_CARBINERIFLE"))
		TriggerEvent("chatMessage", "^1Officer:" [The players name] "Reracked his rifle")



Just one note, this would only print on your client. Not for everyone.


Well sh*t, How uhm…Do I fix that? Lol


U will need also a server.lua.

To get the playername: NetworkPlayerGetName(PlayerId())


I need to do a TriggerServerEvent(‘Event Name’) Right? If I wanna execute it from a client file?


I don’t 100 % know that out of my mind. You can find that in the Docs.


you can just use GetPlayerName(source)


idk if you still need it, but you can download my script and modify it to work for your use (not needed tho)



TriggerServerEvent(“someevent”, GetPlayerName(PlayerId())

and make 1 of the server-side script for handler, to trigger to all client (-1) [ maybe calling the prox-chat event ]


My rack and unrack scripts is already made working, its better to download that


I already solved it