Help on Script - Take self writen notes like in nopixel


Hi people!

I need some help to set up a script that works like the one in “nopixel” where they can write their own notes.
I don’t know anything about writing this kind of script and how to make it work to everyone!

Thank you


Can anyone help me with this pease


You will need to learn how to use NUI for something like this. Start by reading this:

The default FiveM scoreboard resource also uses NUI, you can read though all its files afterwards to get an idea of how to pass info back and forth from client script to NUI JavaScript.

Once you get that down pass data over to server script to store notes, maybe from here to database or file if long term save is needed, then sync with other clients, then back to NUI if clients open them.

I learned enough from that tutorial and the scoreboard resource to make my first resource with NUI. If you need help with html, JavaScript, or CSS use w3schools site.