[Help Needed] Custom Vehicle Slots Crashes Client


Hello, So im trying to use extra vehicle slots (I.e sheriff 5, sheriff6, etc…), therefore i have a working file but if i change anything in it, it breaks so i decided to attempt making my own that is cleaner and has the things i need not just random shit thats chucked in there.

The Issue im having:
The server loads the resources all fine no problems, but when i load in the server, it crashes on the loading screen giving me this error “https://i.gyazo.com/2a270ccbee682a6aefe92a6318fa5cb1.png”. If anyone could help fix this or point out what keeps it crashing would be much appreciated.

This is my resource folder "https://i.gyazo.com/bef8c360291b8dd3115ca4c0ea2d0ac1.png"
Vehicles.meta : https://pastebin.com/JDdkMzA5
Carvariations.meta https://pastebin.com/YCJfTXfT

Note Im not sure if i need the handling.meta as most of the vehicles that im adding dont have custom handling files, Please help me out pointing out the error.



I believe you need a handling.meta file, not completely sure though.


Ill add it in a few mins and let you know, but i mean the thing is in the vehicle.meta is has the handling ID, im also not sure :stuck_out_tongue:


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Something is wrong with the .meta file. Try finding another vehicle or look through to see if you can find the issue.


Aight man, im still looking into it, since i suck at coding but im trying :stuck_out_tongue:


**I fixed it, it turns out that im a dumbass that doesnt double check his work, there were a few complecations in the names, and the whole meta listing. **



Closed on OP’s request.