[Help] Need an IPL that allows use of the GTA Online Nightclubs


I really want the nightclub to be a thing on my server but it isn’t visible so obviously I need another ipl. OpenInteriors doesn’t include it.

Any help?


FiveM does not have the After Hours update so you will not be able to use it.


Ahh good to know. Cheers.


So the after hours is now in fivem but I can’t find the ipls for it.


I haven’t seen any news about this and I’m unable to spawn After Hours vehicles.
Where did you see that?


the post that fivem retweeted showing the nightclub. I commented on the post and the poster said that it was now in game. https://twitter.com/glitchdetector/status/1073288843439366144


you have the ipls and locations here sir xD




i see no ipl for after hours. just locations


Yeah i know, because i think that for the nightclubs you don’t need ipls only the locations idk, you have some cases like that, for example floyd’s house has no ipl


The IPLs should be


But they doesn’t seem to load atm.


The site where i found the information only has the vector3 of the nightclubs, the only ipls that i found where the exterior items ones


Maybe, but the game files says it should be these IPLs :wink:
Plus their coordinates are the same as the one you linked.


Oh ok sir, i was just saying what i could see in the site so xD
And even if you request the ipls the nigthclubs don’t show up?


Nope, and the fact we cannot spawn After Hours vehicles really makes me think FiveM isn’t updated yet.


It could be that yeah, maybe they’re still testing it or something


FiveM is not updated yet. Went to all co-ords for all locations from the DLC. Not there. Ask them on Twitter.


Alright, FiveM is updated now. Just need the IPLs.


Maybe try this one


Well I removed most of the code but the IPLs worked perfectly. Thank you!