(HELP)Need a script


it there a script like /ticket and it makes the player do the notepad animation? i dont know how to script as of now but im trying to learn


The fivem_cop script has those animations, and only looks for an animation script, then the modifications, with the animations, existing



but i dont know how to make the script to make it do /ticket and do a animation


I mean what do you want to write in the chat / animation and what do you do? For example / dance and dance?



Look, I downloaded this script

and then from what I started to modify the animations and translate it for example, you write in the chat
/ yes and your character moves the head from top to bottom or any other existing animation in the game such as police pose or explosion jump any
PS: You will not know by chance how to find out the coordinates of the gta map? to be able to create teletransports etc?


[Release] Player coords saver to .Txt