[Help] my server wont show on the server list


help my Server wont show on the server list and my port forwarding is up and it still wont show on the list


Could you provide little more info?

Do you see heartbeates send?
Is the master "" line not uncommented?
How long did you wait?


ive waited half an hour and it still wont show and by “master” do you mean the sv_master? and yes i see the heartbeats


same for me, help us please. All ports opened , but players can’t connectand nothing in ML


on one of the screen shots it says “30110” and the other says “30120” they both must be 30110 or 30120


Make sure in your server.cfg the sv_master looks like this:

and not this:

save the config and restart the server. wait up to 30 minutes.



mine is like this is this correct? or is it wrong


I’ve fixed it thank you all who’ve helped me


Care to share your solution?


It is what you’ve posted


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How do I make it say that it is fixed?


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