[HELP] My server is in error, please help me


Someone help me?
When I log in to my server it appears.


Either your or your server’s connection is too slow or blocked in some way. Or you’ve got a script that has a loop without a delay added which disables you from joining. Or your server’s core resources aren’t being loaded correctly.

To let us help you better, show us your server.cfg file and a server log.


Click direct connect, fill in IP :


server.cfg (1.2 KB)
CitizenFX.log (6.7 KB)
Here it is Vespura


I already did this, and continue with the error


[ 154671] hitch warning: frame time of 15957 milliseconds
yeah seems you’re using some resource that is slow as hell, or your PC is too slow to run the game and a server at the same time