Help Me Please Massive Texture Loss


Are all the FiveM servers broken or what, I don’t fucking know but here’s the deal.

In GTA V singleplayer and GTA Online:
My game runs smooth as ever 65 to 85 fps and no texture loss and no lag.

In FiveM:
When I play FiveM and join any server I get massive texture loss failing through the map it really sucks I have know idea what’s going on I even wait like 30 mins at one point for the textures to come back but they never do.

I tried to reinstall FiveM, three times that didn’t work.
I tried to reinstall GTA V, three times as well and that didn’t fix the problem either so it must be something else.
I also updated my Nvidia drivers, that didn’t fix the problem either.

( I have 4GB graphics card by the way and 16GB Ram and my games and processor is also running on a SSD as well… )


i personally have no idea why this is happening to people, i have not once experienced this problem but i do see a lot of people having the issue and unsure as to why no one has an answer.

I wished i could help but there litteraly isnt much any of us can say that will help with the problem unless most of these issues are server sided, all the ones i played on so far seem to be fine.


Try lowering your graphics to see if it fixes anything??? I had the same issue and i am running an i7 7700k at 4.2ghz and an gtx 1070 GB with 16 GB of ram. Mine still does it in rain but anything else seems to be fine after i made tweakd fo ths settings.


I get the same issue whenever I get revived by someone and got a ryzen 7 1700x and a 1080ti 16 gb of ram.

i tried tweaking my setting and it didn’t change much


update your BIOS if you are on a Ryzen.


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