Help me install Map editor


Ok, so i have tried alot i watched 3 youtube videos i have read a read me tutorial and my map editor still wont work can some one add me on discord and help me thank you


what’s that (20 Characters)


nevermind i sound retarded



talking about that i might get started with map editing, that would be cool


Like i said i already watched that i couldnt get it to work


Its usefull very use full


Have you got it to work?


not yet test i’m falling before on this youtube link at work … i would test it afterwards to see because i will also install the editor :stuck_out_tongue:


Well if you get it to work can you add me on discord and help me ?


Could you try it and see if it works?


i Am still i need of help if anyone can add me


Even though this tutorial says it’s for interiors, the beginning part also applies for you