Help making VStancer a server side mod



This is my first post, so sorry if I put this in the wrong category. I am a part of a gta/fivem car community, and we enjoy stancing our cars by shooting, but we want more options and less hassle. There is a mod that is perfect for that called VStancer ( The mod currently has to be installed client side, and can only be seen by each client. I am looking to make this into a server side plugin/mod for my fivem server, so everyone can see what each person has done with their car. The only problem is, I have no idea how to go about doing that. If anyone here can help get this done, it would be insanely helpful. Thanks in advance! ~noS.


any update on this? id love this!!!


You could make the client script trigger a server event that then triggers a client even on all of the clients (use -1 as the ID to make it execute on all clients).


where do you change that?


Any Updates On This??


Hey peeps, I found this in releases! [Release][C#] Vstancer Server side Vstancer with sync so everyone in the server can see it! Hope this is what you’re looking for!


It sucks though, missing plenty of features.


Oooh nice specimen here! We can’t deal with missing natives. We have to wait FiveM devs add these natives. If it “sucks” that much why don’t YOU add these natives and convert the script to server side?


They already did though. The only reason vstancer is not updated fully is because it causes issues with hydraulics… solution to that…don’t use a car with hydraulics


on v-stancer topic i read that the natives are not disposable atm. But if it’s only because of hydraulics it’s sad yes. :confused: i hope it will be fixed.