[HELP] Making giveitem command work on the console

Hey, so I want the es-extended giveitem command to work on the console. Is there anyone that could make a piece of code that does this for me?


roll essentialmode back to a pre 6.x version

Or just make a giveitem command through a server.lua with the RegisterCommand Native that way it’s registered in your console and triggerable.

The issue is, the commands that used to work in the console no longer does when using essentialmode 6.x.

Ok wait…

I’m assuming the OP meant in the server console via rcon (or sitting in front of it).

@Th3Cha0s I tried however it gave me errors

Again, roll back your essentialmode to an older version. 5.2.1 works great even with the newest versions of all ESX resources.

I can’t keep that version forever

Why? ESX core development isn’t being done anymore. Just bug fixes here and there or improvements. No complete rewrites.

I use 6.1.0 and have no problems whatsoever.

So you can run setjob or giveitem in your server console? Would love to see a screen shot of that.

No I mean in terms of bugs and etc. you don’t necessarily need to downgrade your ESX version.

Also I don’t think making setjob available through your server console should be that difficult?

I have this error, I think many here have this error too

chat /giveitem Hello , You will get an ERROR !

I have this error too

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