[HELP] Liveries only show up for me



My friend and I recently started a server… but the problem is, whenever I spawn in a unmarked Taurus or Charger (police4 and fbi2) only I can see the unmarked, or change the liveries.

In the screenshot above everything is unmarked… but the Taurus and Charger are clearly marked for him as he can’t change the liveries for either one… any help would be nice, I heard about a plugin for it months ago but can’t remember anything about it now.


is your scripthook enabled ? and what do you use to change the livery ?


Scripthook is enabled on the server. And I have it in my FiveM directory, And he does too.


you mean server side correct ?


yes scripthook is enable server side


If you’re still experiencing this issue, I highly suggest you checkout this post:


However, keep in mind it will permanently set the livery of the vehicle unless you add more liveries on to it.


That’s CitizenFX, which is no longer supported… everything is also being streamed correctly for me.


The tutorial I gave you is most recent, it works for me so it should work for you, trust me follow it and it should work.