[HELP]Lead handling.meta and generate information from cars



Hello guys!

Is there any way to read the handling.meta file and create a similar graphic to this image?

research I did before opening this topic.


Use GetVehicleHandlingField etc. and make some range of values that you’d consider ‘good’/‘bad’ from them. If you don’t want to create a temporary local vehicle, there’s no real way to get values yet. :confused:

(see http://runtime.fivem.net/doc/reference.html#_0x642fc12f)


I’m very motivated to get what I want, but I really do not know what to do with the information you gave me.:sob:



This is also posted in the wrong section of the forums, this is Technical Support.

Perhaps ask in Server Discussion or FiveM Discussion but this isnt to do with the client.

Or someone will move it to were it fits.


I moved the topic.

Also, the native is pretty straight forward. It will return what a value is in the handling file for a particular vehicle. It also provides an example in the link given.



I really do not know how to proceed with this information … If someone said that I should write this code (GetVehicleHandlingField) on the wall of my home and then start the server, I would believe. At the moment, all I know is to handle .meta files. And very calmly, I will try to absorb everything that was said here.

I’m sorry for the wrong session, I carefully considered where I should post my question, but unfortunately I see that I did not get it right. I thought the highlighted text was compatible with my question. My native language has been a major barrier for me, but I promise to keep improving.


Using that native would require a script. If you do not know how to script, you would really need to learn before you can do anything with this. I was under the assumption that you knew how.

I see how you got confused. I’m not sure what it meant exactly by the highlighted part, but that section is meant for help with the FiveM client itself. Your question is related to scripting, so I moved it to the scripting section.


Thank you so much for explaining everything patiently. I’m already ashamed … :roll_eyes:


To finish: my ultimate goal is to collect information from my custom cars and create a document similar to the one I find at this link below. Information on maximum speed, brake, acceleration and handling.

I have access to the handling.meta file of my cars, of course! But I have no idea how I can generate information similar to what I see in the link.

In this case, @darmstadtium’s suggestion is my best option?


I think I understand better what you are trying to do now. I thought you were trying to do this in-game with a script. You could look at the .meta file and see if they use any specific values (like for the link to provided). I do not believe there is any way to get those numbers without creating your own method of reading the .meta data.


Thank you for sharing your point of view on this.

Forgive me for the long delay.


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