[Help] JOB HUD


can somebody please make a resource with job hud for me or if you have one done upload it for me whould love that


FiveM doesn’t have any job system.


what you mean i mean a job emoji before the job name


do you now how to stream y map


lets play war thunder together


@Briglair you have been surrounded with random questions, if I was you I would run. :running_man:


do you know how to “vaffanculo”? :wink: ecks deeeeeee


How to get FXServer for my GTAV RP 3.0 Community?

Can no find, tried searching but nothing comes up.



Closed topic because it went way off-topic.

@FpsKrazen if you would like to receive support with a specific resource, please ask in that original topic. If you want to request a new script, then create a topic again and please be more specific about what you actually want.