[Help] Job HUD . PLZ


I have a problem.
In the game my HUD is black but on my code there is mark it is white how to do,

My code:

@font-face {
			font-family: 'pricedown';
			src: url(pricedown.ttf);
		* {
			font-family: pricedown;
		.container {
			margin: 0;
			padding: 0;
			position: absolute;
			top: 150;
			right: 40;
			width: 100px;
			height: 200px;
		#job {
			font-family: pricedown;
			font-weight: 400;
			font-size: 29px;
			color: white;
			padding: 10px;
			text-shadow: -1px -1px 0 #000, 1px -1px 0 #000, -1px 1px 0 #000, 1px 1px 0 #000;
			margin: 0;
			margin-right: 6px;
		#icon {
			height: 21px;
			width: auto;
			margin-right: 10px;
		#pre {
			font-size: 12rem;
			margin-right: 5px;
		.job {
			display: inline-block;
			height: 30px;
			width: 100%;

I would also like to increase the size of the HUD how to do?

And also I would like to have a system that when I disconnect and reconnects the HUD stays with the job I selected before, How to do?

Tanks You .


Can you help me PLS

Tanks You


Up PLZ help me Tanks you