[HELP] Is there a chance it makes their balance a negative value if they have 0 money in bank and hand?


Is there a chance it makes their balance a negative value if they have 0 money in bank and hand?


I guess you are talking about esx, soooooo ask in their topic and don’t create new topic that is related to releases please.

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I want that when a player recieve a bill from a police they can go minus on their bankaccount. But when they recieve bills from other companies such as cardealer, mafia etc. They have to have the money on their account in order to pay the bill. Because it’s kinda weird when the police gives out a bill and they have no cash and not available to pay it in any way then no one will pay a bill. Otherwise my suggestion is that when a police gives out the bill it pays off immediately of the bank account. I do not want /fine. I still want the fine menu from esx_policejob.


then ask in esx_policejob

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Ask where…


I’m not sure how you would do that in ESX, because it sucks… but I know you can set a REALLY basic if statement checking PlayerMoney, woukd be something like

if playermoney >= ticketamount then

Clearly needs variables and you need to call the relevant information and pass the ticket amount to the function, but thats the idea.


Where can I get it?..






I want Negative money



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Simple fix tbh if you wanna do it quick and easy find where it regularly takes the money and there will be a check if they have enough money simply just remove that check and bam it will take effect no matter what money they have.


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