Help installing open iv addon



There is this openiv mod that changes the ragdoll system called,
Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul -
there are two files that it uses called behaviours.xml and physicstasks.ymt and they need to go into set paths that i want to send them to my clients from my server. this is my current __resource.lua setup:

files {

data_file 'common:/data/naturalmotion/' 'behaviours.xml'
data_file 'x64a:/data/tune/' 'physicstasks.ymt'
data_file 'update/update:/common/data/naturalmotion/' 'behaviours.xml'
data_file 'update/update:/x64/data/tune/' 'physicstasks.ymt'

i know i’m doing something wrong but i just cant figure out what that is.


I don’t think the data_file stuff is correct. It should be formatted as:

data_file <type> <path>

Here are all the types you can use:


Thanks for replying but the issue is i don’t understand what to put under type as i need a custom path to install the files to.